• Beautiful cayon in Enshi
  • Cliffs seen from the hotel in Enshi
  • Hiking in the Shennongjia wilderness
  • Camp in Shennongjia
  • Sunrise near the camp site with the cloud sea
  • Hiking in the morning mist of Shennongjia
  • Having fun hiking though the cave

    Hike the Remote Shennongjia Wilderness and Enshi Canyons

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    • 6 days from 8,900.00
    • Limited to 12 guests
    • Date: Oct 02 - Oct 07, 2022

    •        The name of Shennongjia with its mist and forest covered mountains calls forth mysteries and rumors of the hairy “wild men” or yetis, but its unparalled scenic beauty make this a more secluded natural wonderland. We will complete a challenging hike into the wilderness of Shennongjia, exploring its treasure trove of wildlife and plants, and camp one night in its heart. Rather than seeing yetis, you may see endangered snub-nosed monkeys, along with rare birds and plants.   

            Enshi Grand Canyon cuts through the southwestern corner of Hubei Province, and it is one of the most spectacular karst formations in the world. In Enshi, we will visit the Tusi Castle, meet the Tu ethnic minority, see their interesting folk costumes, and experience their culture, including the Tujia dance and traditional Enshi food. We will hike along the ancient Qingjiang riverbed with its views of the beautiful cliffs on both sides, and this hiking trail is regarded as one the most stunning in China, through primary forests, caves, and villages. Our tour also will visit Luyuanping, a secluded paradise in the depths of a valley. Given its inaccessible cliffs, Luyuanping remains largely undisturbed by the outside world.    


      Challenging long hike through Shennongjia Wilderness with the local forest ranger

      Overnight camping in the mountains with a hearty outdoor meal

      See Enshi canyons, caves, waterfalls, primary forests, and ancient villages

      Introduction to Tu ethnic minority culture with delicious food and unique customs

      Itinerary in brief

      • DAY 1 Enshi City, Lichuan Ancient Riverbed | Hiking along ancient riverbed
      • DAY 2 Enshi Grand Canyon, Luyuanping| Discover a paradise hidden in the valley and explore the fascinating Tu ethnic minority culture
      • DAY 3 Badong, Shennongjia| Enjoy beautiful Yangtze River views and hike the scenic Shennongxi
      • DAY 4 Shennongjia | Challenging hike through the primitive forest and alpine meadows, watch the sunset and enjoy the guesthouse hidden in nature
      • DAY 5 Shennongjia, Yichang | Hike along the ridges of the mountains and down through a lush forest

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      Hike near the Enshi Canyon

      Hike near the Enshi Canyon

      cliffs surrounding the valley

      cliffs surrounding the valley

      Hike Lichuan Ancient Riverbed and through the caves

      Hike Lichuan Ancient Riverbed and through the caves

      Hike in Shennongjia

      Hike in Shennongjia

      Hike in Shennnongjia

      Hike in Shennnongjia

      Beautiful landscape in Shennongjia

      Beautiful landscape in Shennongjia

      Beautiful alpine meadow views in the morning

      Beautiful alpine meadow views in the morning

      Hike through the forests in Shennongjia

      Hike through the forests in Shennongjia

      Flowers on the meadow

      Flowers on the meadow

      Hiking in the Shennongjia

      Hiking in the Shennongjia

      We were in the cave

      We were in the cave

      Enshi hike

      Enshi hike

    • Day 1

      Arrive at Enshi City, Hike Lichuan Ancient Riverbed, Stay overnight at Enshi Grand Canyon

      Arrive at Enshi, and have lunch. We will drive to the ancient karst landform riverbed of the Qingjiang River. Leaving the signs of civilization behind, you will enjoy primitive forests, ancient villages, and the most beautiful scenic spots far from the tourist masses. Travel through interconnected caves, some of which are just crevices in the cliff face. The landscape composed of caves, steep cliffs, and gigantic smashed boulders make it the perfect setting for many movies and televisions dramas. After hiking, we will drive to the Enshi Grand Canyon, where you can see the imposing precipices stretch over 60 kilometers. With a starry sky above your head, the music of birds in your ears, a soft breeze brushing your cheek, and stunning natural beauty filling your eyes, we stay overnight in a guesthouse in this natural fairyland.

      Hiking: 6 kilometers, Ancient riverbed with flagstone path, dirt road, through caves

      • Accommodation: Xiamen
        Accommodation: Enshi Grand Canyon Hostel
      • Meals: Dinner
        Meals: Lunch, Dinner

      Day 2

      Hike Enshi Grand Canyon, Luyuanping

      Wake up early to visit the canyon, a signature scenic site with stunning views. After lunch, drive to Luyuanping, a secluded paradise of deep valleys, precipitous rock faces, and torrential waterfalls. Our hike for the day is as majestic as it is challenging as we conquer the 1520 step staircase and the “42 turns” up and over the mountains to reach the provincial town virtually untouched by modernization. Enjoy the torrential waterfalls, steep cliffs, and deep eroded crevices. You also can float in a boat along the river with its crystal clear water reflecting the sky. After the hike, we will enjoy the hearty meal with Tu ethnic minority features and relax for another day's adventure.

      Hiking: 12 kilometers, precarious elevated wooden planked pathway, dirt road, and mossy staircase

      • Accommodation: Tulou in Hongcun
        Accommodation: Enshi Grand Canyon Hostel
      • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
        Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      Day 3

      Badong, Shennongjia

      Drive from Enshi to Shennongjia. On the way, stop by Badong, and visit the place where still the boat pullmen dragging the boats up the Yangtze River. We will take a scenic walk in the beautiful Shennongxi site. After lunch, continue to Shennongjia with one or two stops at fruit markets and viewing spots. After checking in the hotel, feel free to have a stroll in Muyu Town, surrounded by dense forest, and hike up through the mountain vegetable gardens to have a panoramic view of the town. Later we will enjoy the local cuisine and have a good night’s rest in preparation for the long hike over the following two days.
      Hiking: 5 kilometers, dirt road, and staircases along Yangtz river
      • Accommodation: Taxia
        Accommodation: Shennongjia Muyu Town
      • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
        Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      Day 4

      Shennongjia wilderness

      A short drive bring us to the starting point of our big hike. We will start on an easy path overgrown with grass that leads into the forest. The beginning of the hike is through the primitive forests, along soft pine needle paved roads, and then we will come to a steep challenging section where we will need to hold on to tree branches and slowly descend. Afterwards, the trail gets much easier, and we will hike through alpine meadows with azalea flowers growing on the mountain slopes. After reaching the top of the mountain, the panoramic view is unveiled of rolling mist covered mountains, cliffs, and the blue sky dotted with clouds. The view is well worth the climb. After a break, we will hike up and down more mountains and valleys with fantastic views. We will be tired, but each step brings new magnificent alpine views to enjoy. The rest of the day will be filled with relxing moment, enjoying the sunset, and stargazing at our guesthouse.

      Hiking: 15 kilometers in the wild with the local forest ranger

      • Accommodation: Quanzhou
        Accommodation: Shennongjia Muyu Town
      • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
        Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

      Day 5

      Shennongjia, Yichang

      Wake up early to see the sunrise, hear the dawn chorus of the birds, and swim in the sea of cloudy mists. After sunrise, we will have a simple breakfast of bread and coffee, and then pack up the tents and get ready to continue our mountain hike. The hike is along the mountain ridges and crests and down into the forest and bring us to a spot with an amazing view of mountain range after mountain range in the distance. After a simple snack break, we will hike down to finish our Shennongjia adventure in the afternoon. Then drive back to the hotel to freshen up before enjoying a well-deserved late lunch. After meal, we will drive to the airport and ready for our departure to Beijing. 

      Hiking: 9 kilometers in the wild with the local forest ranger

      • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
        Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
    • Prices are in RMB, per person, based on double occupancy.

      Date Early-bird Price Standard Price Single Supplement Deposit Make a reservation
      Note: Reservation online close at Sep. 26, 2022
      September 02 - September 07, 2022 ¥8900 ¥10100 ¥950 ¥3000

      Payment due before Sep. 26, 2022 ; Early-bird price deadline  Sep.9, 2022

      This trip is guaranteed to operate with a minimum 5 participants. If the trip is cancelled because of the lack of participants, China Culture Plus will fully refund any deposits or fees paid within 3 days after the notice.

      What's Included

      • Direct flights between Beijing and the destination
      • China Culture Plus Top English-Speaking Guide(s)
      • Hand-Selected Accommodations with Breakfast Included
      • All the scheduled transportations in Hubei Province
      • All meals during the trip and simple snacks
      • Admission Fees and Activity Expenses, as Noted in the Itinerary

      What's Not Included

      • To and from Beijing airport
      • Expenses of a Personal Nature

      Payment Schedule

      A deposit is required for each participant once your reservation is confirmed. Payment of the full trip fee is due at least 3 days prior to departure. Payment can be made via Wechat, Alipay, Bank Transfer, and Cash or Credit Card at our office with an appointment.

      Cancellation Policy

      China Culture Plus trips are refundable, minus the deposit, with a formal written cancellation prior to the departure. Please click here to see our full cancellation policy.


      In case of trip cancellation, please refer to our terms and conditions below:

      • 7 days or more prior to trip departure - Loss of deposit plus the payment that has happened on your behalf.
      • Less than 7 days prior to trip departure - 50% of total tour price plus the payment that has happened on your behalf.
      • After the departure date- no refund.

      China Culture Plus reserves the right to cancel any trip departure before it is guaranteed to run. A trip is guaranteed to run once the minimum number of fully paid customers have been reached for each designated trip. If a trip is cancelled, any deposits and payments will be fully refunded.

    • What to expect

      This Shennongjia wilderness hike will be moderately strenuous. Travelers should be in good health, and be prepared for at least 5 hours of walking or hiking on both days. The hiking distance will cover about 30 kilometers on two days, for the detailed hiking routes, please check the full itinerary on each day. 

      Hiking data for Shennongjia:

      Starting elevation: 1670 m - 31°28'57.56" North 110°25'50.01" East

      Highest Point: 2914 m - 31°32‘3.14“ North 110°28'19.97" East

      Night camping elevation: 2648 m -31°31'20.55" North 110°27'43.66" East

      Ending elevation: 1670 m - 31°28'57.56" North 110°25'50.01" east


       We will stay two nights in decent hotels in Enshi Grand Canyon, and two nights in a guesthouse in Muyu town with basic facilities (please bring your own toiletries). We will camp in tents for one night (each person or couple get their own tent).


      We will try different types of local food during our stay in Hubei province: traditional noodles, local snacks, and local signature dishes. The Enshi tiny potatoes are a must try. Please let us know ahead of time if you have the specific allergies to peanuts, fish, etc., or sensitivities to MSG, so that we can plan accordingly.

      What to bring

      • Comfortable shoes. A pair of sturdy hiking boots are highly recommended.
      • Ranking from about 5℃ to 18℃, the temperature difference is big. Please bring dawn jackets for cold morning and evening in Shennongjia mountain and light jacket for warm daytime.
      • Passport, camera, chargers, and personal medication (we will have the basic first aid supplies)
      • Backpack, kindles or books to read

      Please check our blogs for more information

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